A Wide Variety of Jacob’s Awning and Canopy Options

When it comes to your storefront, we know how important it is to our clients to stand out from the hundreds of other storefronts vying for attention and customers. That’s why we highly recommend our awning and canopy options.

Jacob’s Signs, provides a wide array of awning and canopy choices, to allow our customers to choose the one that best matches their specifically desired style, form and function. We offer the following storefront options within this category:

  • CANOPIES –are historically made of metal, and can be elaborated via metal ornamentation and dramatic lighting. They are also often projected into the public right-of-way to draw extra attention.

  • FABRIC AWNINGS -provide some climate control and shade to your storefront, as well as giving your storefront a more “natural,” classic look.  

  • VINYL AWNINGS -are exceptional climate control and shade, helping to deter sun bleaching and keeping your storefront well-sheltered from the elements.

  • ILLUMINATED AWNINGS-, dramatically changes the game during night ours, and help to draw the eye to your awning in any natural lighting conditions.

  • RETRACTABLE AWNINGS – Retractable awnings can be better protected from the elements, while also making it easier for customers to identify whether the business is open or closed.

Each of the above styles provides its own unique benefits and “look,” which can be further customized by the client’s choice of color, pattern, and text. Jacob’s Signs works closely with leading awning manufacturers (including Sunbrella), selected by us for their use of durable materials and high-grade manufacturing techniques. Their exceptional work gives us the confidence to guarantee that your tailor-made storefront will look just the way you imagined it would for years to come.

Awning Installation and Repairs

Once your personalized awning has been designed and created to your satisfaction, our team of installation professionals will be sent to your location to ensure that the sign looks just as attractive above your door as it did in your mind when you first conceived of it.

If your awning should suffer from damage, whether due to vandalism, accidents or simple wear-and-tear, Jacob’s Signs offers prompt and affordable awning and canopy repair and maintenance services that will see your storefront swiftly restored to its former glory.

To ask any questions you may have about our services, or to get started designing your store’s unique awning or canopy, give us a call at 973-772-0011 today.