Channel Letters

In order to get your business noticed, you need to make sure your business and its services are visible. Companies all over the world use channel letters to catch the eye of those looking for what they offer. You may see a sign for “BAGELS” or “GOLD” or the name of the company, immediately grabbing the attention of everyone in eye view.

The friendly glow of channel letters is particularly striking against dim to dark backdrops while other business’ signs fade to invisibility. It will help your location and services become more widely recognized, and assist in your branding efforts in the future.

We offer a variety of channel letter styles to provide your storefront with a distinctive appearance that sets you apart even from other electrically lit establishments. The lettering styles we offer include:

  • Backlit channel letters – The dramatic flair of backlit channel letters ensure maximum visibility for your business name, whatever the natural lighting conditions.
  • Neon channel letters – Neon is a classic New York style of lighting, lending legitimacy and a touch of NY glamour to your location.
  • Open face channel letters – Open face lettering gives your business name a more dynamic appearance via shape and depth, making the otherwise simple block letters more visually interesting.
  • LED channel letters – LED channel letters offer a bright, long-lasting and energy-efficient glow to your business name.

Any of the above choices are guaranteed to light up the night and give passersby an opportunity to see who you are and what you have to offer. In and around your location, the value of a sign that advertises your name at every hour of the day and night cannot be overestimated.

Our job is to provide you with illuminated signage that you would be sad to see disappear with everyone else’s when the sun goes down. Call 973-772-0011 today to have us create a sign you’ll be happy to see representing your business.