All our varieties of light box signs, including illuminated sign cabinets and lighted window signs, are created with sturdy, high-grade materials including anodized silver that enable them withstand virtually any outdoor weather conditions, from wind to rain to snow.  

  • Basic Light Box Sign – The basic light box is illuminated with fluorescent bulbs from within the backing or “box” behind the sign itself. The sign can either be applied to two individual panels for a “sandwich”-style poster mounting, or to slim acrylic panels only three millimeters thick. A light box sign can also be painted on request, once the customer has conferred with the design team to create the optimal text, designs and images, if desired.

  • Illuminated Sign Cabinets – Illuminated sign cabinets are similar in appearance to the basic light box, consisting of aluminum sides and backing and having tiers of invisible fluorescent lights on the interior to illuminate the sign. Aluminum is a rust-free metal that you won’t have to worry about staining your storefront after it rains.

  • Lighted Window Sign – Lighted window signs are easy to operate, allowing you to change the text and/or graphics whenever you desire simply by snapping open the panel and rearranging the contents. With lighted window signs you gain the ability to showcase new goods and services on a weekly or even daily basis.

At Jacob’s Signs, we’re with you from the conceptualization of your sign to the creation to the installation, and even offer maintenance and repair services in the event of damage. This allows us to be certain that our customers are 100% satisfied with their investment in the new “face” of their business, and that their light box signs remain as pristine in years to come as they look when first installed. 

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